Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs and Websites

There are countless diets and commercials for diets and shelves full of diet products – but in my opinion, nothing is more inspiring than a personal weight loss story. Here are some inspiring blogs created by real people who have won an incredible weight loss journey.
If you are on a weight loss journey, [...]

When You May Need a Short Term Insurance Policy

Did you know that a lapse in health care insurance can greatly impact your ability to obtain a health care policy and the rate of that policy? Futhermore, lapses in health care insurance can affect what your next provider will and won’t cover.
For these reason, it is extremely important to ensure that there is [...]

The Truth About Food - Does Sugar REALLY Make Kids Hyperactive?

Yes – too much sugar is not good for the waistline – but does it really make kids hyperactive?
According the “new” BBC series that is now showing on Discovery Health, sugar doesn’t make kids hyperactive. Instead, their experiment concluded that hyperactivity is based more on the environment rather than sugar.
What do you think? [...]

The Truth About Food – How to Get Kids to Like Vegetables

You may have seen the new show on Discovery Health called The Truth about Food… If you haven’t you’ve got to check it out! At first I wondered how interesting this show could be and then found myself completely intrigued for the entire hour each time I watched!
In they show, they do some really [...]

Stick it to the Flu with a Free Flu Shot

BCBSNC is taking a stand against the flu this year with its “Stick it to the Flu” program that begins in October.
With the program, BCBSNC members can receive flu shots at no charge. Those who are not BSBCNC members can still get a low-cost flu shot for only $30 at designated worksites or [...]

Win $250 in Health Care Products By Naming This Blog!

We’ve highlighted Gaiam health and wellness products several times on this blog – and now you can win a $250 gift certificate at just by submitting the best name for their new blog!
Gaiam has already managed to build a strong online community within the community portion of their website, but now they are ready [...]

Is Your Small Business Big Enough For a Group Health Care Plan?

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are under the assumption that their business is too small to obtain a group health care plan. As a result, many solo-prenuers and small business owners either go without health care coverage or pay exorbitant rates for individual health care plans.
How many employees does a small business need [...]

What’s In Your Bottled Water?

With more people working hard to get their daily intake of water, many companies have emerged with ways to make drinking water more enjoyable. But could you be adding additional calories to your diet with these specialty waters that are marketed as healthy?
Glaceau has made a big entry into the marketplace with its [...]