Going Electric for Your Oral Health

If you haven’t made the switch to an electric toothbrush yet, consider this: with an electric toothbrush you can give your teeth a number of brush strokes in a week that you could in an entire year with a regular toothbrush.
There are a variety of electric toothbrushes on the market today; some with higher price [...]

Stress is Making Us Fat – 3 Fun Ways to De-Stress and Shed Pounds

It’s no secret that stress levels today among the general population are higher than they may have ever been before. It’s also no surprise that obesity has become a dangerous trend in America. Could the two be related? A new study by University of NSW offers scientific evidence that lends credence to [...]

Health Insurance Options for the Self Employed

Most self employed individuals and small business owners say that they are frustrated with the high cost of health insurance options for their population. Not only are costs high, but it can be very difficult for some to get insurance at all!
There are options for affordable health car for the small business and self [...]

3 Creative Ways to Get Kids Eating Their Veggies

It can seem almost impossible to get kids to eat their green vegetable. The deeper the green in the vegetable the more nutritional quality it has, and coincidentally the more difficult it is to convince children to eat it.
Here are 3 ideas to get excited about eating their veggies:
A Fruit and Veggies Sticker chart:
Kids [...]